Washougal Out In Force 05-25-21

05/25/2021 | 6:00pm
Washougal School District Headquarters
4855 Evergreen Way, Washougal, WA 98671

Washougal, rally Demands health freedom, ending CRT

Washougal School Board Meeting:

Citizens demand health freedom, ending CRT policies.

Washougal came out in force. Flags waved while people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds united to celebrate freedom and to make their voices heard.

If I were to describe the mood outside of the Washougal, Wa School Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 25th, I’d say it was festive. Children laughed and played while a gospel country band provided entertainment for the crowd. Perhaps miraculously, the torrential rains of the day let up and the event went on smoothly. Neighbors (tired of a year of lock-downs) caught up on small talk and neighborhood news. Other community organizers grilled hundreds of cheeseburgers that were freely given out to attendees as a sign of solidarity and good faith. Washougal came out in force. Flags waved while people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds united to celebrate freedom and to make their voices heard.

Washougal Moms Speak Out

Dear Washougal School Board: People Don’t Feel Heard

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As I milled through the crowd, shaking hands and meeting concerned citizens, I heard a variety of unique opinions aligned along a few common threads. People feel like the Washougal school board is practicing a tactic of “acknowledge and ignore” and the local citizens are fed up. While individual opinions vary, the group is united in demanding health and medical freedom. Some have concerns over the safety of the newly-released COVID inoculation. Parents fear that the new drug’s “emergency use approval” bypassed normal safety testing. Normally, vaccines are tested over 10-15 years. But, the COVID vaccine has been rapidly developed and brought to market in less than one year. According to the CDC, “Children are less likely to develop severe illness or die from COVID-19 (cdv.gov).” Given these facts, parents don’t want mandatory COVID shots for their kids.

The group believes that receiving medical treatment is an individual and parental choice, not the school’s.

Camas Washougal CRT: The Wheel Of Misfortune…

CRT in Camas and Washougal
CRT in Camas Washougal

Washougal, Washington School board officials dodged questions and claimed that they didn’t even know what CRT (Critical Race Theory) was. Despite this, the above document was found in the school’s curriculum. Proponents of CRT claim that it’s the path to increased diversity/fairness. But in practice, many people have found that CRT seeks to judge people almost entirely by race and other factors that are beyond kids’ control. The above document forces children into so-called power structures dividing oppressed and oppressors. To locals, CRT flies in the face of Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy that people “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” CRT’s Wheel of Misfortune does the exact opposite and completely judges our kids by their skin color and other things they can’t control. This is not progress.

Platitudes, But No Progress

The school board meeting opened with a drawn-out and formal message that attempted to evade parental concerns about CRT. The official’s statement dodged citizens’ objections by claiming that CRT means a lot of different things to different people. The school board member then waxed poetic with the usual political virtue signals. But, the crowded line of petition signers to remove the Washougal, Washington school board spoke loud and clear. The crowd wasn’t buying it.

Community members outside the meeting shared stories about how they were silenced, judged and politically smeared by accusations of racism. The circular logic of CRT claims that denying that you’re racist is evidence of your so-called “White Supremacy.” In this way, people feel like they’re damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Deny you’re a racist, and you’re “obviously” a racist. Accept that you’re a racist, and you bow to the demands of the Woke Mob. In this 21st century witch-hunt, people don’t know where to turn and they don’t know how to get their message across.

Based on the massive local turnout and the huge amount of petition signatures gathered, it’s obvious that this fight is not over. Judging by the crowd gathered at the event, Washougal’s answer to the Woke Agenda is an emphatic no thank you.

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